I love coming back to homes after we have completed our work there. Most of my time at work is spent making sure that everything goes in well, that the customer is happy (etc.), but I rarely get a chance to see it after it is all put together. Coming back into a home after all is done is an opportunity to step back and take pride in our work. When that house is staged (for sale) without having to do it yourself or pay someone to do it is like hitting the website content and picture taking lottery! Some pictures even look like I didn't take them on my iPhone. 


 This particular kitchen has a really cool metal hood with strapping, which helps to break up the very monochromatic (ie BRIGHT WHITE) kitchen cabinets and marble counter tops. Another striking detail is the whole slab marble back splash. This is a relatively new design feature that seems to be cropping up more and more (to my ever lasting joy, since I dont have to lift the actual stone slabs). The only downside is that since marble is porous, it can get stained, especially behind the stove (but we havent built a kitchen for someone who cooks on a regular basis since 2010, so no real worry). 
Go on and look for yourself at the new photos (under whole houses, Darbrook) and see what you think about the rest of the house.