Tables, occasional and not

Tables are the central feature of our most used spaces. Gathering around a table, whether it be for a task, meal or a conversation, strengthens familial bonds. One of our greatest passions is being able to make a piece that transforms a space from ordinary into an elevated, enriched space. Below are a few examples of tables that we have made over the years. We have been blessed to be able to collaborate with some of the best clients, finest designers and gifted craftsmen to create them; indeed the following are examples of some those collaborations, and represent some of our finest work.


A modern, high gloss checker style coffee table (the drawers on the side have touch latches). 

A rectilinear, ebonized white oak dining table.

Ebonized white oak top with trapezoidal stainless steel legs. 

Modern bedside table, high gloss grey and white.

Mahogany nightstand with custom hardware

"Stacked Cirlcles" endtable, high gloss white

Trapezoidal end tables, high gloss navy.

Mahogany, twist leg dining table, high gloss finish.

Red oak coffee table with seating under.

White oak and rift walnut coffee table.

Ebonized white oak kitchen table with high gloss white legs.

Gray stained white oak with stainless steel inlays and legs.

Charcoal and white ping pong table

Circular side table and chest, high gloss white.

2nd view of charcoal ping pong table

Circular side table with glass shelf, high gloss white.

Seating/Sleeping etc.


An outdoor swinging bed made out of Iroko Wood.

Bunk bed made out white oak.

Bunk bed made out white oak.